Three Questions with Jordan McLean

This is the first in a series of mini-interview pieces published weekly on Tuesday over the next three months. Three simple questions with a member of the band. First up is trumpeter Jordan McLean.
Jordan McLean, Trumpet
1) What creative things do you have going on right now

* breathtakingly beautiful songs from my dear friend Jeremiah Lockwood

 * new arrangements for brass of very old music, from a new band i am calling BREATH FOR 5 VOICES 

* the premier of a new band (with my System Dialing Records partner, the sui generous drummer Amir Ziv) DIRECTORS 

 * a first reading of about 1/2 of a piece commissioned by the incredible SIREN Baroque (and some Vivaldi selected by Co-Birthday Girl Anneke Schaul-Yoder!)

* a new song from my beloved PIANO MUSIC & SONG TRIO (featuring Anneke and the truly wonderful Derin Oge)

i am performing at BAM in the redic tribute to William Onyeabor on 5/2+3...

i will be in Europe for a couple of weeks with Antibalas early this summer and otherwise focusing on work in Brooklyn as music coordinator for a new art house venture and continuing to produce new releases for System Dialing Records, including Jeremiah Lockwood's phenomenal solo record LOCKWOOD, due out in early May (more on all of this soon).

yeah! the piece for SIREN, DIRECTORS with Amir, SDR and GSquare are the most burning in my mind...

2) What was your favorite Antibalas show/moment of the past few months

The New Years shows at SOBs were so special, because the band had time to settle into the music and meld with our hometown audience. Our work on the Paul Simon tribute will stand out for years to come!

3) What do you most worry about and what are you doing about it?

i don't worry as a rule, but what i concern myself with is forging lasting and loving relationships (all that really matters in this life) and creating a lasting body of artistic output (the key to immortality).

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