Three Questions with drummer Miles Arntzen

What creative things do you have going on right now?

I've been working on the EMEFE album for the past year. It is finally done, and now we are scheming how to release it and building up our live show. (We recently put up one of the tracks on Soundcloud as a teaser.) Not only is the album is a true representation of all of my influences, but it is also the debut of myself as a lead singer, which is a role I've been quietly working on for years now. I am writing, recording and preparing a bunch of other music to release around the same time as the EMEFE  album, to further present myself as a songwriter and producer, not just a drummer.



What was your favorite Antibalas show/moment of the past few months?
Antibalas as a band creates truly unbelievable moments regularly. I was going to write about our experience playing "Bridge Over Troubled Water" behind Judy Collins at the Paul Simon Tribute earlier this year, which was so incredibly uplifting... but then I would've forgotten our experience jumping onstage to sing/play "Wake Up" with Arcade Fire in a Castle in Verona. What?!


What do you most worry about and what are you doing about it?

I worry about the fact that the music industry seems impossible to break through unless you pay your way to the top (or experience what is basically a miracle). It is easy to let this mentality bring you down, but I also believe that good music prevails! So what am I doing about it? Writing music, making music, living music... all the time.

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