9/25/14-NYC: Antibalas performs the music of John Lurie


20140911-114134-42094854.jpgWe're participating in an event called "Strange and Beautiful" celebrating the musician/actor/painter John Lurie.  It goes down in New York on 9/25 at Le Poisson Rouge. Don't know who John Lurie is? Read up HERE.

Since the early 1980s, Lurie has been a major force and inspiration in avant garde jazz, particularly in downtown New York, and has collected and composed for some of the wildest, most talented musicians New York has seen. You may have seen him in any number of films by Jim Jarmusch, or as host of the popular TV series "Fishing With John."

For the past dozen years or so, he has been focusing on painting which has revealed another aspect of his creative brilliance.

At Le Poisson Rouge, we'll be performing a selection of Lurie's compositions for the Lounge Lizards which intersect in various ways with our own music. We haven't done something quite like this before, so expect some beautiful surprises.

We'll be with the group Hellbent, which features several esteemed Lurie veterans including Steven Bernstein, Michael Blake, Calvin Weston, and Marcus Rojas.

The show is part of a week-long, four-show celebration of Lurie and his work. FESTIVAL info -> http://bit.ly/LURIEFEST